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Phoenix Advanced Technologies is First and Foremost committed to providing the best customer service possible to all of our clients. We do this by putting our clients First, allowing them to see that we are here to help them, not the other way around. We strive to be the best at what we do, and place our emphasis on both our clients and our products and solutions that we offer. To do this, we choose to include our clients in every phase of every project that we are asked to undertake, so that everyone has a full understanding of progress, milestones, deliverables, and the final product or service. At Phoenix Advanced Technologies, we strive to be able to maintain that relationship and Open Door policy to facilitate and maintain an atmosphere of approachability, whether it is for new projects, old projects, service completion, or otherwise.

The staff at Phoenix Advanced Technologies has gained a vast array of experience dating back to the early 1990's in the area of Technology. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the worlds leaders in the Transportation Industry to provide them with multiple Enterprise-Wide custom software and hardware solutions, ranging from RF-Based Mobile Repair Billing Systems, Satellite/Cellular based Mobile Inventory Tracking Systems, Mobile Workforce Tracking and Assistance, among many others.

Phoenix Advanced Technologies can also provide you with solutions for your mobile application needs. We currently support Application Software Development for Google Android-based cellular phones.

Additionally, Phoenix Advanced Technologies provides Website Development, hosting, and maintenance plans that can be adjusted to fit individual needs.

Phoenix Advanced Technologies also has knowledgeable staff that can assist in PC related repairs, software installation, virus, spyware, and malware detection and removal, to name a few.


If there is anything that we at Phoenix Advanced Technologies can help you with for either your business or personal needs relating to Website Development, Custom Software, or PC related issues, just email us.


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